Ball to the Wall for Hips

Get your hips moving better than Elvis with the wallball and box jump, two of the best hip-snap exercises in CrossFit

The explosive hip thrust is the most-often repeated technique in CrossFit, which you’ll find in kipping pull-ups, muscle-ups and dozens of other moves. “Women are more flexible through their hips, but guys seem to, ahem, understand the hip thrust a little better,” quips Justin James Hughes, a coach at CrossFit Studio City in Southern California. Here’s how to perfect two of the most powerful hip-snap moves: the wallball and box jump.



What You’ll Need: Grab a medicine ball that weighs at least 12 pounds but no more than 20 pounds, which is the prescribed weight for men. The soft Dynamax-style balls are best. You’ll also need a strong bare wall (no windows!) with a target marked at a height of 10 feet.

Setup: Stand in front of the wall with your toes about six inches away from the baseboard. Hold the medicine ball with both hands close to your chest so that the top of the ball is at chin level. Keep your elbows in and pointed down.

Execution: Drop into a relatively deep squat. Push through your heels and extend your knees. As you come up, explosively thrust your hips forward and extend your arms overhead, sending the medicine ball directly above you to the target. Catch the ball and use its momentum to drop into your next squat.

Coach’s Cues: Place a medicine ball directly behind you and make sure your glutes touch it at the bottom of the rep. “Butt balls,” as they are known, can help you learn to consistently hit the right depth, says Hughes.

Box Jump

What You’ll Need: Find a stable nonslip surface that’s between 20 and 30 inches high (24 inches is the prescribed height for men). Some high steps or a planter will do in a pinch as long as you can land with both feet on the object. If you train at home, think about investing in a plyometric box.

Setup: Stand in front of the elevated surface. Keep a slight bend in your knees with your weight on the balls of your feet and your hands and arms loose and relaxed.

Execution: Drop into a shallow squat and then explosively thrust your hips forward and bring your knees up toward your chest. At the same time, swing your arms directly over your head in a violent “ski pole” motion. Land with both feet completely on the box and fully extend your hips so you come to a full standing position. Step back down or jump both feet back to the ground.

Coach’s Cues: Coming off the box might actually be more important than jumping onto it. You can either step down one foot at a time, or jump down. Stepping down is easier on your Achilles tendons, but jumping down is far more efficient.


The Wallball/Box-Jump Workout



The workout features a favorite rep scheme of CrossFit, a classic case of stick and carrot. Perform 10 reps of wallballs and then one rep of a burpee box jump, then nine wallballs and two burpee box jumps and so forth. As the reps of one exercise ease off, the other only gets more difficult. A burpee box jump is exactly what it sounds like. Perform a burpee in front of a plyo box, but instead of finishing the burpee with a jump and clap, jump onto the box and extend your hips.