Muscle Rev Xtreme Offers Authentic Muscle Building Results

A hard and well build up a body is a dream of every young guy. For that reason, they engage from the days of their adolescence in the strong workouts and high protein diets. However, not all the bodies respond to deliver high flying results as desired. This happens because the assimilation, metabolism and the hormonal profiles are different in every individual. When any of the components is under performing, then the results fail to emerge!
The seekers generally get frustrated even after strong workouts done by them and for such guys, the products like Muscle Rev Xtreme reviews work to offer the required body building escorts. This product has emerged as the sought after choice for the all those who have failed to get the results through the traditional means as also for those who want to have their results optimized in a swift manner. Some of the most generic processes are attempted by the Muscle Rev Xtreme to generate safe results of body building.

Relying on the optimized levels of testosterone

This unique product works in a holistic manner to synergize all the natural systems of the human body, particularly the male body. The factors and processes that are intrinsic to the development of the muscles and overall body strength are worked upon and thus the results cannot be denied. This supplement does not work like the traditional products by feeding excess of proteins to the body and compelling the assimilation of those. Rather, the tasks attempted include conditioning of the hormonal profiles as also boosting of the metabolism so that more effective body building is worked out.

Muscle Rev Xtreme instructions
list out the processes and how the consequent benefits are achieved from those.


This supplement has some rare natural ingredients which work to release the bound testosterone in the male body. Most of the people do not know the fact that the male sex hormone testosterone, while it is released in increased amounts during the young age also gets clogged due to a number of reasons like physical stress and distorted human biochemistries. Muscle Rev Xtreme supplement frees this clogged up testosterone and makes its active use possible. However, how does ‘T’ which is a sex hormone affects the muscle building? It has been scientifically established that this hormone has much more than its sexual role in the male body. It aids directly the building of the muscles and increase the muscle mass. Therefore, when naturally optimized testosterone levels are made available the muscles start to grow fast and the results get visible.

Effecting greater production of energy 

As for how to take Muscle Rev Xtreme, its manufacturers have offered the supplement in the capsule form. With the recommended dose of just two capsules per day, the processes get optimized. Apart from the optimization of the testosterone profile in a healthy manner, the metabolism is also offered a boost intrinsically so that more of the energy is available and the user of the product is able to take up more of the rigorous exercises. Another allied benefit of Muscle Rev Xtreme is that the excess of fat is drained out upon being used as a fuel to generate energy. The boosted metabolism makes this possible by making the cellular respiration process more potent thus burning more fuel and generating more energy.


Muscle Rev Xtreme had been successful due to its strategic approach to make the male body utilize its own natural systems and generate the best results which many a times fails to emerge due to dormancies.…

Bodybuilding: The Human Flag

Bodyweight fitness guru Brandon Carter teaches you how to rise to the challenge for one of the most difficult isometric moves: the human flag.

Some well-trained guys make the human flag look easy, but if you’ve ever tried this move, there’s a good chance you’ve come crashing down like a sack of potatoes. It requires a beastly amount of core strength, but for an extreme functional move that turns heads, it’s hard to top the human flag. All you need is a sturdy post (emphasis on sturdy!) and you’re ready to start.


Start out with a few sets of light crunches and oblique crunches to get your core muscles warmed up. Don’t push it too hard, though, because you don’t want to tire out those muscles. You’re going to need them, big-time, once you start working on your flag.

Hand position

If you’re doing the flag on a straight pole, place the hand that’ll be above your head in an overhand, pull-up position, and your bottom hand in an underhand, chin-up grip.If you’re using a pole that levels off on top (see photo), use a neutral grip for the top hand.


Once your hands are in place, hold the grip firmly and start out with your knees tucked, hips stacked vertically and the side of your lower foot resting on the ground. Engage your abdominals and obliques, shoulders and back muscles as you lean in toward the pole.

The flag

Rather than popping up explosively into the horizontal flag position, use your hip flexors and core muscles to get off the ground as high as you can. Beginners should keep their knees bent, as this
will ease the stress on the core muscles.

As you progress, you can start the flag raise with straight legs, or kick right into it with a sideways jump.


The Flag Workout

At the start, you may not be able to hold the flag for more than half a second, even with bent knees, but don’t get discouraged — it takes practice.

Do four sets of human flag raises with bent knees, 8–10 reps per side, with 30–45 seconds’ rest between sets, alternating sides after each set to make sure you work your muscles evenly.

Incorporate this workout into your abs routine three times per week and you’ll be flagging in no time.

For advanced human flag variations, watch Hit Richards in action:

Bar Gloves

Richards strongly urges using a good set of gloves when doing bar work. Gloves provide better overall grip, they absorb palm sweat that can cause slippage, and most importantly they prevent blisters.